Let’s have a look at  Top Best Pickup Trucks in the United States

2020 GMC Sierra 1500- This is one of the most popular GMC truck it has 2.7 liter Turbo Engine and 10 speed automatic transmission.


Toyota Tacoma - Toyota launched this pickup truck in the year 1995 it is so successful that today its sales figure is still in top


Ford F-Series Super Duty - This truck was launched in 1999 and has so many models.


Honda Ridgeline - Honda launched this vehicle in year 2005 and done major changes in 2017.

Multiple Blue Rings


Chevrolet Colorado- This truck was launched in 2003 and has second generation launched in 2014.


2023 Ford Ranger- This is America’s best selling vehicle with three models, 2023 Ford Ranger XL, the 2023 Ford Ranger XLT and the 2023 Ford Raner LARIAT