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10 Coolest Electric Vehicles Launching In 2023

by Mohammad Kashif

Nowadays the trend of Electric Vehicles is increasing day by day. Every car brand is launching its own electric car, whether it is a small car brand or a very big car brand like Rolls Royce.

Also, many companies have announced that there are so many electric cars which are going to launch in 2023. Electric cars are way more futuristic and their exterior is also very cool and amazing.

Here is a List of 10 EVs that will change the stats of the market very soon.

10: Audi A6 Etron:

10 best Electric Vehicles

Friends, The most amazing car brand, Audi, will launch its very futuristic and cool designed Electric Vehicles “Audi A6 Etron” in 2023.

Its front headlight, alloy wheel, and backlight everything is unique and cool looking. But Its speciality is its battery capacity.

This car can travel up to 435 Miles (700 km) after charging one time. Also, it can travel up to 186 Miles (300 km) after charging by its fast charger just for 10 minutes.

A 100kWh battery will be used to power this car and the car will have around 468 horsepower. 

9: Mercedes Benz EQ G Class:

10 best Electric Vehicles

Mercedes’s most famous SUV is the Mercedes G Class or G Wagon it is best known for offroading capabilities combined with world-class luxury. And now, the good news is Mercedes is going to launch this car with the electric vehicles variant.

On the exterior, it will be more like a G Wagon but there will be some new updates Like, there will be an LED strip on all four sides of the car’s exterior.

It will have a cabin similar to a normal G Wagon and will have four electric motors, one for each wheel which gave it great off-road ability.

It will have around 200 kWh battery which can give it around 400 miles of range.

8: Jeep Wrangler EV Magneto:

Mercedes Benz EQ G Class

Friends, There is no need to tell about the Jeep Wrangler for those people who are fond of offroading. One can recognise just by looking at it that it is one of the World’s top offroading vehicles.

Now, for the first time, Jeep is going to launch this with the electric variant. It is a concept car, Its exteriors are so amazing and futuristic.

It will also be very powerful with 625 hp. Jeep is going to name this Magneto 2.0. It is two doors SUV. Jeep claimed that it is so powerful that it can reach 0 to 60 mph in just 2 seconds.

7: Hyundai Ionic 5-

Hyundai Ionic 5

This futuristic vehicle was launched in 2022. You can charge this car in just 18 minutes from 10% to 80% with its 350 kW DC charger. In case of urgent, it can travel up to 62 miles (100 km) by charging for just 5 minutes.

This car is eco-friendly not just because it is an electric car but also because the leather of the car’s seat is made up of plant oil extraction.

In the US you can buy this eco-friendly, 5-seater amazing car with starting price of $23,600.

6: Land Rover Range Rover EV:

 Land Rover Range Rover EV

Land Rover cars are one of the most popular and powerful SUVs in the luxury car segment. They have already launched their electric hybrid vehicles but Now the brand has announced that it will soon launch a few fully Electric Vehicles.

In Land Rover Range Rover EV is most important because it is branded signature car model, besides this Land Rover will launch the electric version of Defender, the electric version of Sports meaning they will also have a wide range of EVs in the near future.

5: Kia Ev 9:

Kia Ev 9

Kia’s this SUV is so futuristic that it looks like a spaceship from the interior. Its exteriors are also very cool but its interiors are way more amazing.

Its steering wheel, its seats basically everything inside the car looks and feels like a spaceship. With this car of 570 horsepower capacity, you will get a 300 miles (482 km) range.

We can expect that this EV9 will go on sale at the end of 2023 or Early 2024, People are waiting for this car anxiously.

4:. Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain:

 Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain

Very premium British brand Aston Martin, our James Bond loves to drive their car. Now its first electric car is going to launch very soon.

In Lagonda All-Terrain you will get about 298 miles (480 km) of range. If we talk about its interior, it literally looks like a fighter jet.

It is because its interior is designed by taking inspiration from fighter jets. It is a large car with 5 seats only. In this vehicle, you will get enough legroom so that you can never feel tired. This car will likely to launch this year. 

3: BMW I 7:

 BMW I 7:

BMW has already launched its Electric Vehicles but I 7 is a new name and a very futuristic car. This car has a dual electric motor fitted which makes it a very powerful electric car.

It is of 536 horsepower capacity car. With this much power, you can reach 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds. This car also can travel up to 318 miles (511 km) with just by one time of charging. Its interior is very amazing.

In this car you will get, 14 inches of led infotainment screen fixed on the front side. And on the back side, 30 inches of LED with an 8K screen is fixed.

Passengers can enjoy their favourite shows, sports etc on this led screen and just by pressing a single button it will go inside the roof of the car so that no one will become distracted or disturbed while travelling. In this car, 36 speakers are fixed to make sound quality great.

You can buy this car for starting price of $119,300. but if you want to buy cheaper electric car watch our list of cheap electric cars here

2: Chevrolet Equinox EV:

Chevrolet Equinox EV

It is Chevrolet’s compact SUV to be launched in 2024. It will have two versions with differences in power.

The car will have 216 kW of battery and after full charge, you can get around 250 to 300 miles of range. This electric vehicle will be one of the cheapest electric vehicles as it will have starting price of around $30,000 in the USA.

1: Tesla Cyber Truck:

Tesla Cyber Truck

Friends, Tesla’s cyber truck is the world’s most famous and awaited electric car. Tesla has launched this car already but it is still not on the streets, because its demand is way more than its manufacturing.

But now we can see Tesla Cyber Truck soon on the streets. It is so powerful that it can lift up to 3527.396 lbs (1600 kg) of weight and pull up to 13890 lbs (6300 kg) of weight.

It can reach from 0 to 62 mph in just 3 seconds. Its range will be around 500 miles (800 km), which is most in all-Electric Vehicles. The interior of this car will be amazing but simple.

In this car, there will be a main big touch screen on the front side like we get in all other Tesla vehicles, it has a simple interior but still, it looks so cool. 

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