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5 Reasons Why BMW E30 Is Very Special Car?

by Mohammad Kashif
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why bmw e30 is very special

BMW started as an airplane company but some consequences force this brand to start making Cars and then they produce some great cars BMW E30, is one of them.

This car was launched in the year 1982 and became so popular that even today after 40 years people still want to own this car but the question is why this car is so popular?

So today I will tell you 5 reasons why the BMW E30 is a special car lets get rolling:

Both Characters in single E30:

Both Characters in single bmw e30

When you look at the BMW E30 you will notice something which not every car has, it has sharp corners and a sharp and sporty body design which makes it more of a performance car on the other hand, this car was the first BMW 3 Series car to be produced as 4 door sedan meaning you can also use it as a family car because 5 people can easily fit on the 4 door version of this car.

So by having both characteristics this car attracts customers from both tastes one who wants a sports car and the other who wants a powerful family car. That’s why it became an international success.

Not-so-rare BMW:

Not-so-rare BMW

When you look at German or Italian cars you may find that some of them are so rare only hundreds of units of those cars were produced.

It has two reasons either the company wants to maintain the rarity of these cars or they became failures but this is not the case for the BMW E30.

This car was launched in 1982 and produced until 1994 in just 12 years E30 became so popular that 2.3 Million units of this car were sold making it far from rare. Which makes it one of the selling models BMW.

History Maker:

History Maker bmw e30

When we look at BMW, today this company seems so successful but time was not the same always BMW was not selling as much models in USA.

But the BMW E30 is the car which changed BMW’s history and made this brand popular globally because they offered this car in so many variants and almost all variants were loved by people.

This car was the first in 3 series to be offered not only as a sedan but also as an estate and it was also the first ever BMW which was offered in 4 wheel drive option.

This car was so muscular that it can easily compete with Mustang that’s why it was the first BMW to be sold in the US in such big numbers.

Modern Luxury in the 1980s:

Modern Luxury bmw e30

This car was not only a muscular and performance car but also a luxury car that’s why it has some luxury features ahead of time.

Like when you look at its dashboard you find it really amazing because other cars from its time have typical square-shaped dashboards.

Its interior is considered as first with a more driver-focused design approach. To give customers more space in the E30, BMW installed a special compact arrangement suspension in this car which takes less space.

The interior of this car was so good and the car has so comfortable seats that even some modern cars of today will find it difficult to beat this in terms of luxury.

Insane Power:

Insane Power bmw e30

BMW made this car to compete against other brands rally oriented and street cars that’s why it has a very powerful engine also it was the first BMW to have an all-wheel drive option.

This car was offered in so many engine options like 1.6 L petrol, 1.8 L, 2.0-2.5 L petrol and 2.4 L diesel. The most powerful BMW e30 was equipped with a 175 kW 2.5 L petrol engine.

This car can touch 0-62 mph in approx 6 seconds and had a top speed of 140 mph ( 225 kph ) considering it was not a supercar this speed seems very good from an 80s car.

So friends this was our Top 5 reasons why the BMW E30 was so special. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts also don’t forget to check our list of the most expensive Bugatti cars of all time.

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