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Why Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Price Is $28 Million

by Mohammad Kashif
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Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Price is too much, In our world, the price of cars starts from $15000 but if we want a very big luxury Rolls-Royce then we have to spend Millions of dollars. But the question is how many Millions? $1 Million, $4 Million or $5 Million?

In 2021, Rolls-Royce launched a car that shocked the whole world because the car was so expensive that much price you can buy an entire showroom of cars.

The name of that model is Rolls-Royce Boat Tail price of this car is $28 million which is equal to buying a 900+ Toyota Camry. That’s why this car becomes the most expensive car in the whole world.

No car brand is this much costly whether it is Lamborghini, Ferrari or buggati. In this blog, I am going to tell the facts about the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail and why this car is this much costly. So let’s begin. 

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Why Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Price Is So Costly

Friends, the Rolls-Royce boat tail price is $28 a million but this price can also be increased because Rolls-Royce provides very much customization to the people who buy their cars. So it depends on your choice of customization that how much this car will cost.

According to some reports, a few models of boat tail can cost up to $30 million. 

Why Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Price Is So Costly:

This car was revealed at a luxurious property near Lake Como in Italy. The company told that the colour of the car is so different it is a mixture of sea, oyster and rose.

The colour of the car changes in accordance with sunlight and the weather of your area. That’s why the Rolls-Royce company said “This car is a masterwork which is made according to sophistication and attention to detail.”

Rolls-Royce doesn’t make this car for everyone, The richest ones can buy this car. Rolls-Royce announced that only 3 units of this model will be made.

Two models were already purchased, in the end, you will get to know about the customers who bought these 2 models. 

Designing of Rolls Royce Boat Tail:

Designing of Rolls Royce Boat Tail

The boat Tail’s front looks like a normal Rolls Royce, But there are many changes in the backside of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail.

Rolls-Royce designed this car after taking inspiration from its 1935’s Phantom 2 boat tail. And that car was designed after taking inspiration from the 20th-century yachts.

Rich people like to travel in Rolls-Royce and also on the yacht so Rolls-Royce combined both of them and make a different car.

The boot of this car is made like a yacht which looks like a butterfly when opens. You will get stools with this also you can convert this stool and the front area of the car into a restaurant-like thing and enjoy the best outside view.

The backside of this car is also made like a boat. 

The Engine of Rolls Royce Boat Tail:

The Engine of Rolls Royce Boat Tail

Friends, the heart of Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is its 6.5 litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine which is so much powerful that it can produce a torque of 570 horsepower and 900 NM.

We can assume the power of this car by the length of this car. This car is 19 ft long, It is made up of a steel frame that’s why this car is so heavy.

Still, its engine is so powerful that it can accelerate from 0 to 62mph (0-100kph) in just 5 seconds, its top speed is limited to 155mph (250kph). 

Interior of Rolls Royce Boat Tail:

Interior of Rolls Royce Boat Tail

Every Rolls-Royce has a super amazing interior design but Rolls-Royce Boat Tail’s interior is so different and better than others. The seats are in dual shade colour. The front seat is of exterior’s dark blue colour while the colour of rear seats is of sport’s light blue colour.

With this, the stitching of these seats is also very unique. The next interesting thing in the interior of this car is its instrumental panel in which the Guilloché technique is used.

This technique is used by jewellers and luxury watchmakers. Boat Tail’s client love to keep luxury and expensive pens that why there is a separate corner for pens.

In this, a very special Montblanc pen was placed. The watch in the dashboard is Bovet 1822 which is Switzerland’s famous watchmaker company. This watch is fitted into the dashboard and you can easily take it from the dashboard and wear it.

The colour of this car’s dual-tone steering is also blue. The reason why blue color is used very much in this car is to resemble the boat in the sea. Its rooftop can be opened, which is also a very awesome feature.

Owner of Rolls Royce Boat Tail:

Owner of Rolls Royce Boat Tail

Friends’ normal luxury cars usually have a price tag of $200K-$300K. In fact, you can easily buy normal Rolls-Royce car models at the price range of approx $300K. But the car which is $28 Million, who owned this car? Who is the richest man to buy a car of this much cost? Is it Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos?

Friends Rolls-Royce don’t reveal the privacy of their clients that’s why nobody knows exactly who is the owner of this Rolls-Royce Boat Tail car. But According to the reports of London’s Telegraph magazine, the rumour is spread regarding this fact.

The report said that the owner of this blue-colored Rolls Royce Boat Tail lives in the United States. They are husband and wife, They are connected with the music industry too. After knowing these things, people claimed that the owner of this car is none other than Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce.

One more reason why people said this is that the champagne drink seen in the pictures of the car is from the brand owned by Jay-Z. Friends, It is very easy for them to own this car because Jay-Z is considered the world’s richest rapper.

His net worth is $1.5 Billion. That’s why owning a car worth $28 Million for him is not a big deal. So friends these are the facts Regarding the Rolls-Royce boat tail. I hope you liked this blog. Do let me in the comments below also read the strict rules you have to follow to buy Rolls Royce.


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