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Top 5 Pea Car Things You Must Know

by Mohammad Kashif
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Pea car things you must know

The Pea Car is one of the most iconic and famous cars, it first appeared in a TV commercial for Birds Eye. This car looked very somewhat similar to a VW Beetle because of its lights That is why some people think that Pea Car was made on the body of a Volkswagon beetle but that’s not true Pea Car only has a headlight of a Beetle other parts including the chassis are source from others. From its history to the present in this blog you will find every answer related to Pea Car so let’s begin:

1- Pea Car Making:

Pea Car Making

The process of making the Iconic Pea Car started when the international frozen food brand “Birds Eye” decided to advertise its product and promote healthy eating in its upcoming commercials, which were aired in December 2005. London-based special effects company Asylum took the lead in producing the car, they built this car on a modified chassis from a go-kart and installed a Honda engine in it. It took only 6 weeks to build the car weighing just 1653 lbs (750 kg), although it was not road legal and built only for commercial purposes this car can go up to 50 mph (80.47 kph).

2- Purpose of Pea Car:

Purpose of Pea Car

The main purpose of this VW Pea Car was to give people the important message of healthy eating. This was built into the shape of a Green pea because Birds Eye wanted people to increase green vegetables in their diet, in the commercial, the Pea Car gave up its parts one by one to showcase to people how their food loses nutrients one by one over time.

3- TV Commercial of Pea Car:

TV Commercial of Pea Car

It is important to know that Pea Car’s TV commercial was so interesting that even after so many years people wanted to know about it. This car was built with the intention of Disassembly because it was included in the script for the commercial, so the makers constructed its almost Twelve parts including pipe, hub caps, doors, rear bumper, sunroof etc with the ability to be easily removed.

Why Pea Car was not road-legal?

Pea Car was built with the sole purpose of unique advertising, and it was designed to lose pieces during the production of commercials, that’s why it lacks structural integrity and was not street-legal.

4- Maker of Pea Car:

Maker of Pea Car

There were so many creative minds behind the production of the Pea Car but the two most important persons behind it were Matt Waller and Dave Monk, who worked for the advertising agency BBH London. They presented the idea for this unique car to be built for the commercial of Birds Eye.

5- Specs of Pea Car:

Specs of Pea Car

Now let’s talk about some features of Pea Car, in this car you get a seat only for one person, it has no gears, the indicators of this car came from a Lancia and it has two wing mirrors which came from some car specialists shop. Because this car doesn’t have working doors, the driver must be very careful while sitting and driving this car.

Where is Pea Car Now?

Because it was built for advertising and was not road-legal so currently it is placed for display at the Unilever Ice Cream and Frozen Foods Co. in Walton-on-Thames town in England, before this place Pea Car was also put on display in several other museums.

Where to buy a pea car?

So this car was just on one peace and is currently not for sale, and you don’t have any benefit in buying Pea Car because you can’t drive it since it is not road-legal. But I have an idea for you if you are a real car enthusiast you can get The Brand New Pea Car built for yourself just by going to a “good custom car garage.”

So friends this was some information about Pea Car I hope you will find this blog informative, if you want to know about other interesting cars then click here.
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