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8 Strict Rules Bugatti Owners Must Follow

by Mohammad Kashif
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rules bugatti owners must follow

Every Bugatti Owner can tell you that Buggati is the world’s fastest and very cool-looking car. Everyone wants to buy it but only a few can afford it because it is so expensive.

Even if someone becomes a billionaire in future still buying a Buggati for them is not so easy. For this, you have to follow some insane rules of the company.

So in this blog, we are going to tell you some strange rules you must follow if you want to buy a Bugatti.

8- Bugatti Owner Must Agree to Maintenance:

Bugatti Owner Must Agree to Maintenance

Friends Buggati’s starting price is 20 crores, and like every other company Buggati also wants to keep its status that’s why they want every Bugatti on road to have good maintenance.

So you have to go regularly to Buggati’s showroom and service centre and also you have to spend a good amount of money, every 2485 miles (4000 km) Buggati recommends changing its Tyre. Because it’s the world’s fastest car and if a car travel at such speed then the wheel will damage frequently.

The price of each pair of Bugatti tyres is around $30,000 to $40,000. Now the company started working on cheaper tyres but for now, you can buy a brand new car at the price of only two tyres of Bugatti.

Apart from these, you have to spend around $20,000 every year on its servicing.

7- Speed: 


Friends, Buggatis are one of the fastest cars in the world it is known as a hypercar, not a supercar. Buggati broke a record of 304mph (490 kph), but for this speed, you have to follow some rules.

First of all, for this, safety is most important. Because wheels can damage very fast at this speed. That’s why in Buggati the world’s best tyres are being used which last long even after that you have to change its tyres after every 2485 miles (4000 kph).

Otherwise, the company will disturb you after calling again and again. As a result, thousands of dollars are spent. If you want, then don’t change its tyres at 2485 miles but then your Buggati will not run this fast and if Buggati is not running so fast then what is its benefit? I mean Bugatti is famous for its speed and every Bugatti Owner wants to drive this car at speed. 

6- Privacy:

bugatti owners

Friends, on buying a Buggati you have to sacrifice your privacy as well because the company will tell you already that they are tracking everything about your car.

Like where are you driving your car, at what speed you are driving etc all these things are recorded by the company. So even after buying this much expensive car, you are recorded by the people who are thousands of miles far from you.

Not everyone will feel bothered by this but few will be. But Buggati’s statement on this is that this is most important for keeping its status and your safety maintain.

Because if Bugatti Owners face any problem while driving the car then the company will know it very soon and it will be solved.

5- Data:

Data sharing bugatti

Friends when you buy a Buggati, then you are agreed on this also that your all data will be collected by the company.

Because the technicians of the company will collect all the data of the car whether it is an engine problem or a problem with your tyre, these all things are known by the company.

That’s why if there is any little problem which could become a huge big problem in future then the company contact you and solve it. This can save you from a very big problem or accident. 

4- Tax Rule for Bugatti Owners From the USA:

Tax Rule for Bugatti Owners From the USA

Friends, if you are buying Buggati in the United States then you have to follow one more rule. The government of the two states Virginia and California put property tax on expensive cars like Buggati.

Like on different types of cars you have to give vehicles tax. But in these two states of the USA, these much expensive cars are considered property.

That’s why the government of these states can charge you every year around $50,000 tax.

But there comes one thing the people who buy Buggati worth millions, don’t really care about a few thousand dollars. 

3- Rules for Bugatti Employees: 

Rules for Bugatti Employees

Friends, It is not only you who have to follow such rules but the company and employees also have to follow some strict and insane rules. By which your ownership of Buggati becomes seamless.

On the roads of London and Paris, you can often see Buggati with the License plate of Saudi, Dubai, or Qatar. But how is this possible? The owner of these cars are extremely rich people wherever they go they take their Buggati with them, and if you want your Bugatti to go to another country with you, the company will help you.

The company says that wherever you are living and on holiday where ever in the world you are planning to go If you want to take your Buggati with you then the company will arrange everything.

How the transportation will manage, which documents will be used, all these things will be handled by the company.

Bugatti Owners are not normal people they are celebrities or very rich businessmen or they are rulers somewhere.

So they must deserve VIP treatment every time. Buggati’s salesperson said in an interview that she works 24 hours. Like their work is the same as emergency services. Any time they get a call from a client and for this, they have to be ready always.

What is Christiano Ronaldo’s New Bugatti?

ronaldo's bugatti centodieci

Christiano Ronaldo owns so many Bugatti cars and one of them is rarest the Bugatti Centodieci. Only 10 units of Bugatti Centodieci were built and each of them cost $9 Million.

2- Take Bugatti Factory Tour:

Take Bugatti Factory Tour bugatti owner

Friends, if you are going to buy a Buggati or you are planning to buy it then the company want you to know that it’s not a normal car, Buggati’s every car sale is like a business deal.

Firstly you are told about the company’s history like when the company started what types of cars were made before and what changes are in today’s Buggati and previous ones, and then if you want, the company’s salesperson will show you the manufacturing process of Bugatti, behind the making of these cars, which engineers and mechanics are involved.

You will be introduced to them too. You can also see the different parts of the cars. 

1- Business Deal:

Business Deal bugatti owner

Friends Bugatti don’t advertise buggati on TV because these much rich people are not wasting their time watching TV.

But this doesn’t mean that they don’t advertise they have a unique method of selling their cars. The company finds out which celebrity, famous businessman or ruler can buy buggati and in future, they can also buy new models of Buggati.

So after finding this out they approach these people and try to sell Buggati to them and make them their customers, i.e if you are very rich and thinking of buying buggati then the company can approach you too.

That means they don’t advertise on TV and social media to sell Bugatti instead they choose and pick people personally then contact them and sell them their Buggati hypercar, but it doesn’t mean that if you have money and Bugatti haven’t approached you then you can not buy a Buggati.

If you have enough money which is at least $2 Million and you can spend few thousand dollars in maintenance every year then you can buy a Buggati. All you have to do is to contact Bugatti and follow these rules. 

Friends, Do you also have a dream to buy buggati in future, Tell me in the comment section. Also if you are confused about which car to buy Bugatti or Lamborghini then click here.

Thank you!!

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