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Bugatti vs McLaren Comparison In Detail

by Mohammad Kashif
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Bugatti vs McLaren

Hello friends, Bugatti vs McLaren both are very amazing super car companies, headquartered in Europe. Bugatti is made in France whereas McLaren is made in its neighbouring country, the United Kingdom. According to speed and design, both of these cars are amazing, Their history is also very interesting. In this post, we will compare Bugatti vs McLaren and will talk about very interesting facts and details about both the cars. So let’s begin:

Bugatti vs McLaren History:

Bugatti vs McLaren History

Friends, McLaren started in Europe in the year 1985. It starts as a McLaren racing team which was made by Bruce McLaren. He was a car racing driver and engineer. He loves to participate in racing games. First time he participated at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1966, and made his team named McLaren racing team.

This team is still active and is one of the most successful racing team. But it is quite sad that Bruce McLaren died at the age of 32 on the racing track in 1970 in Europe. Later on, his racing team started a car racing company because Bruce McLaren himself was testing his McLaren racing car at the time of his death.

At a very young age, he started a very amazing world no. 2 car racing company, That’s the reason, his name is still alive in this world so friend this was the history of How McLaren Started. Now, let’s know about the history of Buggati. Just like McLaren, Buggati’s history is also very painful, These cars can bring smile on anyones face but if someone read about their history they can surely feel sad.

Bugatti was started in year 1908 by Ettore Bugatti. His son Jean Bugatti also makes car with him, Jean Bugatti himself was a car designer and an engineer. He designed very amazing BUGATTI TYPE 57 car. But sadly, Jean Bugatti also died by a car accident at the age of 30 years. 

Bugatti vs McLaren Famous Models:

Bugatti vs McLaren Famous Models

Now let’s talk about their amazing models, Evey model of both the companies is very amazing but Bugatti Veyron and McLaren 570S are very successful. In Bugatti Veyron, you will get Quad-Turbo WR16 Engine. This car can generate 1,000 horsepower and its speed is 267.8 mph, That’s why it is one of the fastest road legal production cars, you can buy this car at the price of 1.9 million dollars.

On the other hand it is a McLaren 570S, Nowadays, this car is McLaren’s latest and very amazing car, Like Bugatti, it is also made on mid engine lay-out. In this car, there is a 4 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine which is half as compared to Bugatti. But, it can generate 710 horsepower which is not half to Bugatti Veyron’s power.

McLaren’s top speed is 211 mph which is slower than Bugatti’s speed. There is also a huge difference in their rates, McLaren’s price is also US$ 324,000,

It is way cheaper than Bugatti, You can buy 3 or 4 McLaren cars at Bugatti’s rate. 

Bugatti Vs McLaren Cheapest vs Expensive Models:

McLaren F1

Now lets talk about different models of both the companies, So friends, if you want to buy McLaren’s cheapest car, there is a McLaren GT which costs US$ 200,000. Whereas, Bugatti’s cheapest car is also Bugatti Veyron, It’s price is 1.9 million dollars. McLaren’s most costly car is 1995’s McLaren F1, It was a very rare car and Its chassis number was 029.

Only hundred models of this car were made. And that particular model with 029 chassis number was bought for 20.5 million dollars, And that’s why, this car is considered as one of most expensive car.

Even Bugatti’s most expensive car Bugatti La Voiture Noire’s rate is also 1.5 million lesser than McLaren’s F1. If you are willing to buy these two cars nowadays, you couldn’t, because these two cars were made as single models.

McLaren’s F1 was single in chassis number and entire model of Bugatti la voiture noire was made only one, Now, both of them are purchased by an unknown buyer. And if you want to buy these rare cars then you have to find and contact their owners and have to pay according to their desired rates, That means, you have to pay more than their actual price because of course their owner must know very well that these cars are rare. 

Bugatti vs McLaren Performance:

Bugatti vs Mclaren Performance

Now let’s talk about their performance, As compared to McLaren, you will get everything more in Bugatti, For example- engine, speed aur interior. This car is count as one of the fastest car in the world, Bugatti is also very famous than McLaren.

But in some case, Bugatti is also lesser than McLaren, McLaren which is also a very expensive car. It looks more futuristic than a Bugatti and In practicality, it is more forward than Bugatti. In Bugatti, if you want to travel at the speed of 267 mph then, you can only travel for 15 minutes in a full tank.

Bugatti’s tyre also cost around $45000, that too expire when its speed is more than 260 miles. So friends, In bugatti if you travel at the speed more than 260 mph then not only you have to spend more fuel but also you have to change its tires worth thousands of dollars, That’s why, this speed is only good for making records.

On the other hand, McLaren is not like this, if you travel more than 180 mph, then it won’t cost that much. So, in short, both companies are so amazing in different terms, In many cases, Bugatti is much better than McLaren but in practicality in my opinion McLaren is the winner. Tell me, which one you like the most, also If You want to see comparison of Ferrari vs Lamborghini click here.


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