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James Dean Car Curse 5 Things You Need To Know

by Mohammad Kashif
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James Dean Car

Story Of James Dean Car– Everyone wants to buy a supercar but you have to be rich and a millionaire to own one, imagine you become rich and buy a brand new supercar but it comes out cursed car, this is the true story of James Dean Car. He bought a brand-new Porsche 550 on 23rd September 1955 but later this car claimed his life so in today’s blog we will explore some interesting but haunted stories of James Dean Car so let’s begin:

5- Who was James Dean?

James Dean

James Dean was a very popular and young Hollywood Actor in the 1950s, besides acting he was passionate about car racing. He was fond of many cars like the 1949 Ford, 1949 Mercury Coupe, 1921 Rolls Royce, and 1953 MG. He participated in many races and won some of them too like Palm Springs, California. After winning some races he felt the need for another powerful and fast car then he decided to buy a Porsche 550.

4- James Dean Car Porsche 550:

James Dean Car Porsche 550

This car was a very powerful racing car launched in the year 1953 and produced until 1956, this car is very rare because Porsche built only 90 units of them and one was owned by James Dean. It is equipped with a 1.5 L flat-four engine that can produce around 108 horsepower and that is considered a very powerful engine in the 1950s.

This Porsche 550 can go from 0-60 mph in just 9 seconds and the top speed of this car was 140 mph (225 kph) this speed is also impressive considering that era and that’s why this car became instantly popular among racers like James Dean.

3- James Dean Car Curse:

James Dean bought a Porsche 550 on the 23rd of September 1955, he was very happy because he wanted to participate in a race in his brand new Porsche. After one week on 30th September 1955 when we were going to attend a race in Salinas, California, James Dean was driving very fast on roads and when he reached an intersection of highway his car collided with another car of that time Ford Tudor.

This accident was so catastrophic that his car was damaged very badly James Dean died in that accident. James Dean named this car “Little Bastard” when he bought it but he didn’t know that this “Little Bastard” would take his life, He was very young his age was only 24 years old.

2- James Dean Car Accident Aftermath:

 Porsche 550

The Curse of his car was not stopped but it was just the beginning after James Dean’s accident car was sold to a salvage yard and then a person named Dr. William Eschrich bought this car’s debris from the salvage yard. He removed the car’s engine because the engine was so powerful he installed it in a Lotus IX car to participate on races with his friend and racer Troy McHenry.

After one year in 1956, Eschrich was participating in a race and crashed his Lotus car he was injured very badly. His friend Troy McHenry also crashed this car on tree and died on that accident and that’s how this cursed car’s engine claimed another life but it did not stop.

1- Other Mysterious Incidents of James Dean Car:

James Dean Car

The remaining damaged James Dean’s car was bought by the famous car customizer of that time George Barris. According to George Barris when this car arrived at his garage during unloading one of his garage’s mechanics was injured by this car and his leg was broken.

Other mysterious things started to happen in his garage that’s why George decided to give this car to the LA National Safety Council and authorities put this car on exhibition to make people aware of car accidents. But when visitors came to watch this car somehow the car fell from its place and one person who came to see it, broke his hip bone.

Another story is when driver was transporting this damaged car to expo by his truck, car fell on and killed the driver.

After all these incident people started calling it cursed car, there were other stories of this car involving injuries to people but nobody knows how true these stories are, after sometime in the year 1960 James Dean’s Cursed car disappeared and then nobody saw this car.

So friends this was the story of James Dean Car, I don’t confirm that all stories are true because some people say that some stories are fabricated, but yes some stories are true like James Dean and Troy McHenry’s death. What your opinion about this car let me know in the comment section also if you want to buy new and fast Porsche car I have amazing list for you click here.

What is James Deans car called?

James Dean renamed his Porsche 550 as “Little Bastard”, but after his death and other mysterious accidents involving his car people started calling it “Cursed Car“.

How old was James Dean when he died?

James Dean was only 24 years old when he died in a brand new Porsche 550, he bought this car just one week before his death on 30 September 1955.

Is James Dean’s car still around?

No, James Dean’s car mysteriously disappeared in the year 1960 and then nobody saw his car again.

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