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Maruti Suzuki Brezza: The Best Compact SUV in India

by Mohammad Kashif
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Maruti Suzuki Brezza is a very successful compact SUV in Indian Market, Maruti Suzuki launched this car in the year 2016 and sold more than 7.5 lakh units of this car until last year.

Now they launched the second generation of this car but this time they named it only Brezza it is still ruling in the top 10 positions of best-selling cars in the Indian Market, but why? Why Brezza is so successful and what’s new in this car I will tell you all the things in this blog so let’s begin:

1- Interior:

Brezza Interior

When you enter this car you will see the interior is completely new and very similar to Suzuki Grand Vitara. With dual tone interior Dashboard looks very beautiful, you will get a 9-inch infotainment display which is enhancing the interiors very much.

The Interior is made up of completely hard plastic no soft-touch material is used in the dashboard which may be embarrassing for some users but still it looks and feels good although you are getting soft-touch materials in Suzuki Grand Vitara.

When you look at the steering you notice very few controllers, steering is the bottom flat design behind the steering wheel you get a few more buttons for various controls and also the engine start button.

2- Exterior: 

Brezza Exterior

This is a completely new generation of Brezza so you are getting lots of new design elements in this car in front headlights are sportier, grills are flat with the Suzuki logo in the middle.

You are getting two stretched L-shaped Led Drls. The bonnet is also boxy and taller than the previous generation of Vitara Brezza, from the back side you will get led taillights stretching all the way from side to middle of the tailgate and then you will get the badging of Suzuki and BREZZA.

From the side profile, some plastic cladding is used to make this SUV sportier look, so overall it has a boxy design for a real SUV look although some elements are the same as previously overall its design is new.

3- Engine Power:

Brezza Engine Power

In this car, you will get a 1.5 Litre, 4-cylinder mild hybrid Petrol engine that can generate 103 hp and 136.8 Nm of Torque engine is bigger in this segment and also you are getting segment-leading mileage of up to 20 km per litre.

Mileage is increased by some factors like it is a hybrid engine also the car has an engine auto-off and on the button when you are stuck in traffic for a long time the car can turn off its engine automatically and turn it on when you want to start moving. This task is done by the system very smoothly so you can save a lot of fuel during that time. You are getting 5 gears in manual and 6 in automatic transmission.

4- Features:

Brezza Features

In this compact SUV list of features is pretty long and it is one of the first Maruti Suzuki cars with this number of features, the main highlighted feature is Sunroof yes Brezza is having sunroof and it is the first Maruti Suzuki car with this feature.

The next feature is the Headsup Display which shows a lot of important information to the driver, 9-inch Infotainment system is another important feature of this car. This infotainment screen is large, responsive and has Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Alexa Connectivity also. 

The car is having cruise control which you can control from its steering buttons, you are also getting a 360-degree camera which is also good and another good update is ambient lighting. So overall you are getting a good amount of features in this Brezza. Some of these features were missing from the old Vitara Brezza.

5- Safety Features:

Brezza Safety Features

Previous Vitara Brezza had scored 4 stars in NCAP ratings and this Brezza 2022 is also built on the same platform so we can consider that it can also get a 4-star safety rating.

Also, this car has 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, and Electronic Stability Control which was missing on the previous generation of Vitara Brezza, Hill hold assist, rear parking sensors etc. Also, the build quality of this car is better than the previous generation so you can consider it a safe car in this segment.

6- Storage and Space:

Brezza Storage and Space

On the front side, you will get two cupholders near the armrest and also one storage space inside the armrest, bottle holders in each door. You will get a large glove box which the previous generation of Vitara Brezza also had.

In the boot, you will get 328 litres of space which are good for 5 peoples but if you need more space you had to split the rear passenger seat then you will get a very big space.

7- Seating and Comforts:

Brezza Seating and Comforts

Front Seats are large and comfortable so you can do a lot of journeys without getting tired. But ventilated seats are missing although they are available in Grand Vitara.

On the back side, you are getting seats for three passengers but if only two people are sitting in the rear seats then you can open the armrest for the rear passengers also, this armrest has two cupholders. For rear passengers, you will get a big leg space, extra ac vents, USB charging ports and decent headroom.

8- Price of Brezza 2022:

Price of Brezza 2022

This Maruti Brezza is one of the cheapest compact SUVs in its segment and also it is getting lots of features. Starting price of the Maruti Brezza is Rs. 9.77 lakhs and it goes up to 16.77 Lakhs but as always prices can vary from city to city. So let’s have a look at its price in some big Indian cities.

Brezza Price Delhi:

In the Capital city of India you will bring Brezza home at the starting price of Rs. 8.80 and the top model can cost you around 15.00 Lakhs.

Brezza Price Lucknow:

In the northern city of Lucknow you can buy the base model of Brezza at the price of Rs. 9.49 Lakhs and the top model price is Rs. 16.16 Lakhs.

Brezza Price Hyderabad:

In the capital of Telangana you can buy Brezza at the starting price of 9.89 Lakhs and the top model can cost you around 17.31 Lakhs.

So friends this Indian Compact SUV is cheap, has good mileage, has lots of new features, stylish and safe. According to my opinion, it is value for money, but what’s your opinion tell us in the comments. Also, you can see a detailed review of Grand Vitara by clicking here.
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