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5 Insane Features Of the 2024 Ford Ranger

by Mohammad Kashif
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2024 ford ranger

2024 Ford Ranger, Everyone is excited about it because sources suggested that this truck could launch in May 2024, although the exact launch date is still unclear. Every Ford lover is waiting for this powerful ranger raptor, and it was spotted testing too many times.

From these testing photographs, we figured out some details about this Truck. So in today’s blog, I am going to tell you 5 insane features and elements we know so far about Ford Ranger 2024, so let’s get started:

5- Engine:

2024 ford ranger Engine Engine

Ford Ranger series is famous for its power and performance, Ford Ranger 2024 is also expected to have a powerful 2.3 L four-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine.

That’s why it can produce about 392 horsepower, and you will get a 10-speed automatic transmission in this truck.

The company is building it on a Ford T6 platform used to make Ford Bronco.

4- Towing Capacity:

2024 ford ranger Towing Capacity

Whether you want to carry your heavy boat with this truck or your camper van, the 2024 Ford Ranger will have the towing capacity like a beast.

Just like its previous version, it can carry up to 7500 pounds (3402 kg) weight which is also the top towing capacity in its segment.

3- Interior:

2024 ford ranger Interior

The 2024 Ford Ranger will have a classy interior with an all-black dashboard and a big futuristic infotainment screen. You will get a digital gauge display, and fewer buttons in front because most of the buttons are now replaced by digital controls which makes it even more modern. In the dashboard, you will notice air vents are looking like a honeycomb and they are also quite large

2- Exterior:

2024 ford ranger Exterior

If you look at the exterior of the 2024 Ford Ranger, you will notice all-black grills and aggressive C-shaped headlamps. Headlamps are coming with LED running lights similar to Ford Maverick. From the back it is almost similar to previous Ford Ranger trucks with minor cosmetic changes.

1- Infotainment:

2024 ford ranger Infotainment

A very important part of every vehicle is the infotainment system because not only does it entertain us but also it helps us control so many things in our car.

The 2023 Ford Ranger had a very futuristic-looking 10.1-inch big infotainment display but now Ford is gone even further by giving the 2024 Ford Ranger a much bigger 12.1-inch infotainment screen.

It comes with Ford’s latest Sync 4 interface and can provide you with the ability to control lighting features, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, satellite radio and many more things.

Friends these are the 5 things we know so far about the 2024 Ford Ranger, If you want to know about its previous version 2023 Ford Ranger please click here.
See you next time on another informative post.

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