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Scorpio N: 7 Good Reasons You Should Buy This SUV

by Mohammad Kashif
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Scorpio N is becoming more and more popular in India every day, First generation of Mahindra Scorpio was launched in the year 2002 it gained instant popularity and just one year ago Mahindra launched a completely new variant of Scorpion named Scorpio N.

Its design from interior to exterior its design is entirely new it is huge even more significant than all the cars in its segments. So from its price in different Indian cities to its features in today’s blog, I will be telling you some interesting information about Scorpio N Lets begin-

7- Scorpio N Interior:

Scorpio N Interior
scorpio-n interior

When you enter in this SUV you will feel really small because of its bigger size but no problem, you will get a grab handle and footrest to easily enter in this car. Seats in the 1st and 2nd rows are very comfortable, made of epoxy leather and the front row seats are electronic, but ventilated seats are missing.

You will get a one-touch start button and tilt steering, if you had seen the interior of previous versions of Scorpio you will notice they had very small dashboards, mahindra is following this ritual in Scorpio N too. You will get a dual-tone premium interior with coffee brown colour and black colour, hard plastic and soft touch material is used in its interior but it still feels premium.

Also, you will see a beautiful 8-inch infotainment screen, you have storage space inside the armrest, cupholders near gear livers etc. So overall its interior is good and spacious for a first and second row but the last row is not so spacious and in my opinion only comfortable for kids.

6- Scorpio N Exterior:

Scorpio N Exterior
new mahindra scorpio-n

You have already seen that Scorpio N is completely new in terms of design from previous versions of Scorpio, it looks less aggressive but because of its size still its road presence can not be ignored.

From the front side, you are getting huge grills and rectangular-shaped lamps, while led drls are C-Shaped which Mahindra is trying to make Scorpio N looks aggressive.

If you look at this car from the back side you will notice tall-looking led tail lamps, some people like it and some don’t like it but these headlamps are inspired by Scorpio’s 2006 version. Scorpio N tailgate opens sideways because it is the tradition of all generations of Scorpio cars.

The Side profile car looks proper a real SUV it is tall, and its length is also good even if its bonnet is long. So overall Scorpio N is getting the boxy design and proper SUV look but still some people do not find aggression in this car.

5- Scorpio N Boot Space:

Scorpio N Boot Space
scorpio-n boot

It is 7 seater SUV so if all the seats are open then you will get much less boot space, only 2-3 small suitcases can fit inside this boot. But if you fold the last row of seats then you will get a huge amount of boot space, in which a large number of suitcases can fit.

4- Scorpio N Engine Power:

Scorpio N Engine Power
scorpio-n engine

Scorpio is famous for its powerful mHawk engine, you are getting two engine options one is petrol and the other is diesel. The Petrol version engine is 2.0 Litre which can produce 200bhp of power and 370 Nm/380 Nm of torque, petrol version is offered only in the RWD option.

While you get two versions of a 2.2 Litre Diesel engine which can produce 132 bhp and 172 bhp respectively and they produce 300 Nm and 400 Nm of torque. The diesel engine comes with a 4X4 variant which you will not get in a petrol engine, The top Speed Of Scorpio N is about 180 kmph.

3- Infotainment & Connectivity :

Infotainment & Connectivity
scorpio-n infotainment

In this SUV you will get a premium 8 Inch infotainment screen with too many features like:

  • Adrenox Intelligent Cockpit Technology
  • Alexa ( you can use your voice control to play music, and many more things) 
  • A reverse and front parking camera, 
  • Android Auto, 
  • Apple CarPlay, 
  • Wireless Charging, 
  • Dual Zone climate control etc. 

The instrument cluster of this car has a digital screen in the middle but it is majorly analogue.

You are getting 12 Speakers with 3d surround effects for music.

2- Scorpio N Safety Features: 

Scorpio N Safety Features
scorpion safety features

Friends, previous versions of Scorpio SUVs have a bad image of safety records but now Mahindra is completely changing its history by making one of the safest SUVs in the market.

Today Scorpio N gets so many safety features like ABS with EBD, an Anti-theft Engine immobilizer, a Flashing Emergency Brake Light, 6 Airbags, a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), electronic stability control etc.
That’s why when NCAP tested this SUV, they gave it a 5 out of 5 safety rating, making it one of the safest SUVs in the segment.

1- Scorpio N Price:

Scorpio N Price
red scorpio

If you like this car then the first thing you want to know is its price, price of this SUV is reasonable because of the features, size and power you are getting in this car. Starting price of this car is around Rs. 13.05 Lakh and it goes up to 24.52 Lakh for top models.

But this price changes according to various cities and their RTO laws so let’s have a look at their price according to different cities-

  • Scorpio N price Delhi

The base model of this car can cost you around 15.48 and the top model Z8 L Diesel AT 4WD 7 STR can cost you around Rs. 29.31 in Delhi.

  • Scorpio N price Lucknow

Starting Price of this car in Lucknow is Rs. 15.22 Lakhs and the top model can cost you Rs. 28.33 which is around 1 Lakh less than the price in Delhi.

  • Scorpio N price Mumbai

The price of this Suv in Mumbai is Rs. 15.64 Lakhs and the top model price is Rs. 29.81 Lakhs. 

  • Scorpio N price Hyderabad

Starting price of this SUV in Hyderabad is Rs. 16.32 Lakhs which is higher than all the above cities and the top model can cost you Rs. 30.57 Lakhs.

Friends price of these cars changes frequently, so you may get the car at more cheaper or higher price but by seeing reading this post you will get an idea of How much you need in your bank balance to buy this dream car for you.

When are you planning to buy this Big Daddy of Indian SUV, I will wait for you comments. Also if you like this post feel free to share it with your friends. If you want to know about Mahindra XUV 700, then click here.
Thanks for reading our post.

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