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Why The 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Is The Best Affordable Car?

by Mohammad Kashif
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Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota Corolla Hybrid is the hybrid version of the world’s most famous and best-selling car Toyota Corolla which was first launched in the year 1966 and is still best selling car. There were many versions of the Toyota Corolla launched since 1966 but its Hybrid version was launched in the year 2013 firstly in Japan.

Today Hybrid version of this car is available with so many options including All Wheel Drive, you will see too many corollas everywhere so in today’s blog I will going to tell you some important and interesting things about these Hybrid cars by Toyota.

Exterior Of Toyota Corolla Hybrid:

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

From 1966 to 2023 this car has seen so many changes in its exterior, talking about today’s model, on the front side it is equipped with C-shaped curve Led lights and a black finish this car looks really good and sporty.

On the back side, you will also see a black strip from one backlight all the way to the other, you will notice dual exhaust but it is actually only one its double face is just to enhance the look. This hybrid car has 18-inch Alloy wheels with glossy black colour, which also makes it sportier. 

Interior Of Toyota Corolla Hybrid:

Interior of Toyota Corolla Hybrid

When you enter this car you will see a very beautiful and simple dashboard with 8.0 inch led screen, which is not much big but still works well.

The dashboard has lots of beautiful soft-touch material, and its steering is small in diameter but has lots of important control buttons. Its instrument cluster is also digital but looks basic I don’t know why Toyota is giving it although you are getting 3 driving modes, Seats are comfortable but are manually adjustable.

Engine Performance of Toyota Corolla Hybrid:

Engine Performance of Toyota Corolla Hybrid

This car gets a 2.0 Litre 4 cylinder engine, which is considered a very reliable and powerful engine this engine can produce 169 horsepower, and because this is a hybrid model this car comes with a dual electric motor setup that can produce 134 horsepower on combining engine and electric motor power this car is getting around 305 horsepower.

This Hybrid system is considered very reliable because Toyota is using it for 2 decades. With the help of these electric motors and engines, this car can go from 0-60 mph in just around 5.7 seconds and the top speed of this car is 113mph (181 kph) which is not so good but most people buy this car for fuel economy and in this field I don’t think any car can beat it.

Features Of Toyota Corolla Hybrid:

Safety of Corolla
Safety of Corolla

This car is considered one of the best compact sedans in the market, it gets an 8.0-inch infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, if you are buying this car in Canada a country where winter weather is very harsh then you will also get Heated seats and heated steering wheel too.

This car gets too many safety features because of Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, it is equipped with Blind spot detection, Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control etc. This car also has lots of safety sensors which are improved.

Price of Toyota Corolla Hybrid:

Price of Corolla
Price of Corolla

In my opinion, this is the best car at a very low price, starting price of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid is $23,895 and it can go up to $27,695 in the United States. You need to spend around $1200 more in the USA for this Hybrid model rather than the standard Toyota Corolla, which is reasonable for the Hybrid version.

The downside of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid:

The downside of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid

There are only two downsides which I think the Toyota Corolla Hybrid has one is its interior is pretty normal, it competitors like the Hyundai Elantra has a very beautiful interior but the Corolla Hybrid’s interior is made of very good quality materials only downside is its normal old-age design.

Another downside which I think is not a big deal is its power and speed, because of the Hybrid version and to improve fuel economy you may find this car somehow slower.

So, friends this was Toyota Corolla Hybrid, I hope you like my post, If you want to read about more toyota hybrid cars click here.
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