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How Safest Cars Were Tested In The World

by Mohammad Kashif
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How Safest Cars were made

Today we have many options to buy the Safest Cars, but In 1886 when cars were invented, it was a revolutionary invention but they came with a very big problem called car accidents because humans had never experienced such a high speed before this invention. In order to stop or decrease the rate of accidents and make the safest cars, companies started modifying cars and then they started testing cars at extreme levels.

Today, car brands use very strong steel and aluminium to make cars. Different crash test companies test these cars and give them car safety ratings to make sure they are safe. So In today’s blog, let’s see how the safest cars are being tested

Importance of Safest Cars:

ford one of the safest cars

Friends, cars are improved every year in order to make them more advanced, fantastic, and amazing, but as the number of cars increases in the world, the rate of accidents is also increasing. Every year, approx 13 lacks people are dying due to car accidents. In Which approx 40,000 people are from the United States only. Apart from this, approx 20 to 50 Million people were injured due to car accidents. To top this safest cars are required that’s why car brands are continue improving cars.


designing of safest cars

The safety of cars does not begins with their material but it started with their design. When companies start designing their car they make sure that the compartment of passengers remain safe while driving cars. Most safest cars have impact area in their front and backside, So when accidents take place, the passengers are mostly safe. Also, companies have developed some amazing softwares so with the help of those software companies make sure while designing that car will be safe or not.


safest cars- body frame

Friends, after designing, it’s time to check the materials used in the cars, very strong materials are used in the making of some of the safest cars. Most companies used very high-strength steel to make car doors, frames etc so that they will be safe.

But nowadays, few companies used very unique ways to make the safest cars, like Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is made from carbon fibre that’s why this car is so strong. Apart from this Tesla’s cars are also considered as safest cars, in the making of their cars, high-quality fibres are used.

Nowadays, Tesla is using those materials to make their cars, which are used in the making of space crafts, Thus Tesla’s cars are the safest. Even using such types of strong materials, companies still test these cars in order to find out if there are some mistakes that remain or not.

Friends, accidents can happen from any side of the car, it can be from the front, back, or even from above. So, their testing is also done from every side and angle of the car. The very first test is called

  • Front Impact Test: in this test, the car crashed on a strong pole or a concrete wall from its front side.
  • Moderate Overlap Test: in this test, the front of the car is Impacted by some small area wall or poll.
  • Small Overlap Test: in this test, only one side of the car crashed into a wall.
  • Side Impact Test: in which, it is made sure that when any other vehicle hits the car, the passengers will be safe or not. It is a very important test because on the sides of the car there is nothing vital except the doors of the cars. That’s why the companies made doors very strong and they provide side airbags near the door side also.
  • Pole Test: in which, cars are crashed on every type of pole because sometimes when a car accident happens they usually hit electric poles or trees.
roll over test safest cars
  • Roll Over Test: Sometimes cars roll down in accidents and this is also very dangerous. That’s why this test is conducted in which companies find out whether cars are safe or not after rolling. From this test, they also know about the safety of the roof of the cars. One more test is Sled Test in this test companies find out about the strength of the car.

Now different companies do different types of tests according to their techniques. Apart from safety conditions, the world’s weatherly conditions are also important. Like how the cars will perform in snowy places, deserts, or even in water.

So, companies use some artificial techniques to test cars in these types of environments, but big companies test their cars at an extreme level. When BMW has to test their cars in snowy conditions, they did not use artificial techniques to produce artificial snow, they went to the arctic circle and test their car in real snowy weather.

Volvo Cars:

safest cars in the World: Volvo XC 90

Friends, no brand of safety cars in the world tests their cars like Volvo. Volvo is the safest car company, and their Volvo XC 90 car is the top 1 among safest cars in the World, until now no one has died in this car. You will be definitely shocked to see the testing of Volvo’s cars.

To test the cars, NCAP testing centres are all over the world, NCAP test these cars and give them safety ratings. After testing in NCAP companies know whether tehy are making safest cars or not.

But Volvo says that their testing is more extreme than NCAP. That’s why the Volvo car testing centre is known as World’s best testing centre. Because the government made some safety rules to the companies, but Volvo makes their cars more safer than these rules. NCAP tests cars at speed of 40 mph (64kph), Volvo test their cars at a different speed.

In Volvo testing centres, some cars are tested at as high as 75 mph (120 kph). Not only this, they test their cars by dropping them from height because sometimes cars fall down from mountains etc. and sometimes a truck overloaded with heavy things gets imbalanced and falls on the cars. Volvo tested their safest cars with such trucks to find out that their cars are strong and safe. Now come to the next point and which is 

Safety Features:

safety features of modern cars

Friends, after strong materials and amazing design of the cars, the company ensures the safety features of the car. These safety features to a maximum extent, stop or decrease the rate of fatal car crashes. Some of these safety features are Lane Keeping Assist, ABS or Automatic Emergency Breaking System.

Suppose that, if the driver is sleepy or there is dark on the road, the car automatically detects this and stops. Nowadays this feature is so advanced that if something suddenly comes in front of the car, it detects this so fast and automatically stops.

Friends, car brands design the car not only for the safety of the people sitting inside but also for people walking on the road. Few companies started giving airbags on the hood of cars so that if a car hit a pedestrian their life also will be safe.

Today, technology is so advanced that few cars communicate with other cars on the road and according to their positions the car set its position on the road like Tesla. But friends, even though, after this much technology, the rate of car accidents does not decrease. As I told you at the start of the blog that 1.3 Million people all across the world died due to car accidents.

This might have been because the safest cars are also very expensive like Volvo XC 90, BMW or Mercedes these cars are so expensive that middle-class people can not afford them. Most People buy cars because of their cheap price and fancy features but the build quality and safety features in those cars are so less.

Now, from time to time, cars are improving and becoming advanced, only a few years ago we were just imagining autopilot cars and now they became a reality so maybe in a few years flying cars will also become normal. The question is How those cars will be safe? We can not answer this, Let’s see when that time comes. So friends that is all for today, if you like this blog do let me know in the comments down below.


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