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Why 2023 Ford Ranger is still the best truck?

by Mohammad Kashif
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2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger

Everyone is excited about Ford’s new truck 2024 Ford Ranger but still, the 2023 Ford Ranger has some great capabilities and you should see why it is still the best. America’s best-selling vehicle Ford Ranger has come with three avatars 2023 Ford Ranger XL, the 2023 Ford Ranger XLT and the 2023 Ford Raner LARIAT, there are some differences in price and power between them.

Today we will be exploring the mid-one Ford Ranger XLT, and giving you 7 reasons why this vehicle is best so let’s get started:

Engine Power:

2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger

In the 2023 Ford Ranger XLT, you are getting a mighty 2.3 L EcoBoost engine which can generate 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

This much power gives you a maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds (3402 kg) in every drive type, whether 4X2 or 4X4. You can control this engine with 10-speed automatic transmission. 


2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger

As we all know Ford Trucks are famous for their practicality they are pretty good on city highways as well as on other types of terrains.

Ford is claiming that Ford Ranger gives you the opportunity to anywhere you want and for this, they installed big metallic-colored All Terrain Tyres also you are getting 126.8 in. of wheelbase in all three variants of the Ford Ranger.


2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger

In terms of Exteriors 2023, Ford Ranger XLT looks really like a beast on wheels. It is huge yet powerful, you are getting an XLT batch near the co-driver side door and FX4 off-road batch on the rear side.

These batches enhance the look of this truck in a very cool way. The length of the truck from the front bumper to the back is 132.1 inches in the SuperCab model and 143.8 inches in the SuperCrew model.


2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger comes with so many futuristic features and Ford Co-Pilot360 technology is the main, this gives you cross-traffic alert, Pre-Collision assist with automatic emergency braking and other safety assists.

Ford knows perfectly that you are buying this truck to do some type of offroading that’s why it is equipped with some off-roading features like Terrain Management System, Trail Control, electronic-locking rear differential system etc.


2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger

Other Tech features in this Truck are Front Parking Sensors, Navigation System, Adaptive Cruise Control, voice command controls etc.

You will get some Terrain Management Modes in this truck like Grass Mode, Sand Mode, Snow Mode, Mud Mode and Normal Mode. These modes will help you to drive in particular conditions.

But friends, Sports Mode is also in this truck which helps you get more power and more speed.


2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger

In the 2023 Ford Ranger, you will have a pretty normal infotainment screen, yes it is not fancy big like Tesla and MG’s vehicles but yes Ford wants to make this truck as rough n tough as possible. But with so many leaks I think the 2024 Ford Ranger will have a bigger infotainment screen and more fancy features, did it will be rough n tough like its previous version we will know it soon.

You will have an analogue instrument cluster with a very small screen and an 8” LCD touchscreen. Besides this in its interior, you will find 911 assist, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, 6 Audio Speakers, Smart-Chargin Port, a Locking glove box, an armrest, 3 power points, and comfortable ford seats.

Speed and Pricing:

2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger

With a Powerful engine your Ford Ranger can accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in just 5.79 seconds source – Motor1.com, you will get a limited top speed of 110 mph (177 kph).

In terms of Pricing, you can get a brand new 2023 Ford Ranger with starting price of $27,400 but if you want 4-wheel drive and other additional features you have to spend at least a few thousand more.

The 2024 Ford Ranger will have an estimated price range of $29000 meaning it will be a few grand more expensive than its predecessor.

So friends this is a small review of the 2023 Ford Ranger, which one you wanna buy 2023 Ford Ranger or the 2024 Ford Ranger? I hope you will find this information helpful if any doubts feel free to ask in the comment section also you can watch our list of Coolest Electric Cars of 2023 by clicking here.
Thank You.

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