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Why Bugatti Scooter is Best and How to Buy It?

by Mohammad Kashif
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Bugatti Scooter has been launched earlier this year by Bugatti. But when you hear name Bugatti your mind suddenly started thinking about powerful hypercars with W16 engines. Yes Bugatti is famous for its Superfast Hypercars in fact they have some of the world’s fastest Supercars but now they went electric.

Yes, you heard it right But interesting thing is that they haven’t launched any electric cars instead they launched Electric Scooters.

So if you are dreaming of owning a Bugatti but your pocket isn’t allowing you then no problem Bugatti has come up with stylish, eco-friendly and pocket-friendly vehicles so here We will be discussing Bugatti Scooter in detail-

What is Bugatti Scooter?

What is Bugatti Scooter?

Bugatti Teamed up with information technology company Bytech Inc and made their first Electric Vehicle, it is none other than Electric Kick Scooter.

It has a unique sleek design, two Wheels a Handlebar and some cool-looking Bugatti Logos. It is portable cause you can fold it and its weight is 34 lbs ( 15.8 kg) so you can take it from home to your office easily.

Key Specification :

Key Specification Bugatti Electric Scooter

Friends Bugatti launched this vehicle with the name of Bugatti 9.0 Electric Scooter, It is available in 3 colours Agile Blue (the signature colour of Bugatti ), Silver and Black.

By the way, I love Black. It has a 9-inch wheel diameter, a strong magnesium alloy structure, electric cruise control, turn signals and a safety bell.

How Fast Bugatti Scooter is?

Bugatti scooter has three riding modes or speed modes. You get a maximum speed of 9mph (14.4 kph) in Economy mode, 12.5mph (20 kph) in City mode and 18.5mph (30 kph) in Sport mode.

Battery Capacity and Power :

Battery Capacity and Power Of Bugatti Scooter

This scooter comes with 600W maximum motor power with rear-wheel drive and has a battery capacity of 10Ah/360Wh.

It can be fully charged in approximately 4 hours, after full charge you will get approx riding range of 20-25 Miles (40 km) which can vary from passenger weight and riding mode.

This Electric scooter can carry a weight of up to 242 lbs(110 kg) which is enough for personal use.

Other Features :

Other Features of Bugatti Scooter

You will get so many fancy features in this Bugatti scooter to show off to your friends, firstly my favourite is its backlight led projector which Bugatti called the Signature “EB” monogram.

It is Bugatti’s logo and stands for the name of Bugatti’s founder “Ettore Bugatti” This logo looks very cool, especially at night.

You will get athe Led screen in which you can see speed, riding mode, battery life and headlights.

How To Buy Bugatti Scooter:

How To Buy Bugatti Scooter

You have two options two choose from One is Bugatti 9.0 Electric Scooter and the second one is Bugatti 9.0 Pro Electric Scooter. The only way to buy these scooters is to shop online, 

They are available on the Official site of Bugatti Scooters at the price of $1200, you can buy directly from their official website by clicking here or you have another cheaper option which is costco.com you can buy a Bugatti scooter for the price of $939.99 from this website by clicking here but here it is available only in Black Colour.

So, friends, this is the detailed analysis of Bugatti Scooters, I hope you find this post informative.
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