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Rolls-Royce VS Bentley Which Is Better in 2023

by Mohammad Kashif
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Rolls-Royce vs Bentley these two are the biggest competitors in the Luxury Car segment, friends Rolls-Royce cars are so amazing and unique that we can say that there is no competition for any car with Rolls-Royce.

It is the most expensive, classy, and unique luxury car. Where the price of other expensive vehicles ends, the price of Rolls-Royce begins.

But friends there is one car brand in the world which gives heavy competition to Rolls Royce, and it is Bentley. Both cars look so similar and in terms of luxury Bentley also has so many world-class luxury features.

Friends the most astonishing fact is that Bentley was also known as Rolls-Royce in the past. Then why did the name of this car change from Bentley to Rolls-Royce also why both cars are competitors with each other and which one of them is better? 

History of Rolls-Royce VS Bentley:

History of Rolls-Royce VS Bentley

Both companies are very luxurious car brands of Britain and are so different from each other as well as very similar in some fields. Friends Rolls-Royce was started in the year 1906 and Bentley in 1919.

Both companies were different but in the year 1931 Rolls-Royce purchased the Bentley car brand and then they make Bentley cars for approx 70 years. In that period Rolls-Royce and Bentley’s cars were so similar, that only difference was the logo.

People who like Bentley’s logo took that car and the people who like Rolls-Royce’s name and logo were buying that car. Then in 1998, some weird things happen, Rolls-Royce and Bentley’s owner Vickers sold both brands to Volkswagon.

At that time, Volkswagon also buys some more car brands like buggati and Lamborghini etc. BMW also wanted to buy Rolls-Royce but it was too late. Now Volkswagon had Rolls-Royce and Bentley factories, design, employees and everything.

They also have Bentley’s logo and Bentley’s Flying B statue. But BMW didn’t give up, they get to know that they could not buy Rolls-Royce’s logo owner was not Vickers company but the logo was owned by another branch of Rolls Royce which was Rolls-Royce’s aerospace company.

Yes, friends, once, Rolls-Royce was divided into two companies, one was making airplane’s engines and the other one was making cars. So logo’s owner was airplane engine-making company. BMW immediately went there and buy all the rights to the logo.

Then Volkswagon got into big trouble, They had all the factories of Rolls-Royce, designs and employees but BMW become the owner of its logo, so they had to sell Rolls-Royce without the original logo and no one gonna buy Rolls-Royce without its logo.

So BMW and Volkswagon made a deal, BMW bought the iconic grills of Rolls-Royce and its design from Volkswagon in exchange of Rolls-Royce’s logo rights for the next 5 years. Because Volkswagon had already taken orders of Rolls-Royce from customers but they could not make the cars because the logo belongs to BMW so this can decrease the reputation of Volkswagon.

That’s why Volkswagon agrees to give Rolls Royce design rights to BMW. So they can fulfil the already taken orders quickly without any tension. But friends from here Bentley and Rolls-Royce become enemies and competitors to each other. 

Price of Rolls-Royce VS Bentley:

Price of Rolls-Royce VS Bentley

Friends Bentley’s starting price is $167,000. And its most expensive car is Bentley Bentayga EWB which is $226,900. Where Bentley’s most expensive car to the day is the Bentley Blower (1932). This car was purchased in an auction in 2012 for $7.06 million.

On the other hand, Rolls-Royce’s starting price is approx $355,000 which is more than Bentley’s starting price. Rolls-Royce is most expensive car is Rolls-Royce Boat Tail which was purchased at US$28 million making it not only the most expensive Rolls-Royce but the most expensive car in the world.

So friends in the case of price, Rolls-Royce is ahead of Bentley. 

Performance Rolls-Royce VS Bentley:

Performance Rolls-Royce VS Bentley

Friends even though the price of a Bentley is less than Rolls-Royce still you get an amazing luxurious feel in a Bentley car also. Bentley is more faster and sportier than Rolls-Royce.

Yes, this car travels faster than Rolls-Royce because in this car you are getting more sporty. Other than this, you will enjoy Bentley’s amazing features at an affordable price with its stimulant fast performance, That’s why people prefer to buy this car.

Now let’s talk about everyone’s favourite Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce is also a British car brand. The only difference between Rolls-Royce and Bentley is that Bentley makes luxury cars and Rolls-Royce makes ultra-luxury cars. In fact, Rolls-Royce is considered a leader in the luxury car segment, convenience, comfort and looks.

In this car, you will get an interior so modern as well as classy. Even in terms of features, Rolls-Royce starting base model is way better than Bentley’s top model. Second thing which compels you to buy Rolls-Royce is its status symbol.

Rolls-Royce is considered a good status symbol so some people buy it only to show off because fewer people know Bentley than Rolls-Royce. Even, after Coca-Cola, Rolls-Royce is considered the second most famous brand.

Also, Rolls-Royce is stronger than Bentley. There is no need to sell Rolls-Royce after you buy it because its life is approx 100 years. Even after this, if you want to sell it then it will also provide you with a good after-sale value because everyone wants to buy it.

Apart from these, people will consider you a celebrity after you buy this car because Rolls-Royce is only owned by celebrities, rulers of countries, and famous businessmen. So, this is also a reason why Rolls-Royce is better than Bentley.

Rolls-Royce VS Bentley Features:

Rolls-Royce VS Bentley Features

Friends there are some drawbacks in Rolls-Royce which you will not see in Bentley. Of course, Bentley is faster than Rolls-Royce because Rolls-Royce is made with looks and luxurious features only. Rolls-Royce is not so good at self-driving because Rolls-Royce company know that their owner will not drive this.

So you will get more features in Rolls Royce’s passenger seats than in its driving seats. You can control approx its all features from the passenger seats except driving. Now think which one is better for you, Rolls-Royce or Bentley.

Friends if you do have not enough money to buy Rolls-Royce and you have so much interest in driving these types of cars then you should buy Bentley which is cheaper than Rolls-Royce.

But if you want a car with luxurious features and status symbols then you have to arrange that much money and go with Rolls-Royce. 

Here are the 11 best Rolls-Royce of All Time.

Tell me in the comment which one is your favourite.


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