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6 Strict Rules For Rolls Royce Owners

by Mohammad Kashif
rolls royce rules

Rolls Royce holds the top position in premium segments car since the 20th century. This company started in 1904 and never made cheap cars I mean never, In fact, people see Rolls Royce Owners as successful men.

When other companies try very hard to make cars as cheap as possible Rolls-Royce only makes expensive cars. Even after that, they broke many car sales records.

The company don’t want every person to buy Rolls-Royce. They work on improving their status instead of increasing their sales. That’s why if you want to buy a Rolls-Royce then you have to follow some insane rules. So let’s begin…

6: Maintenance Agreement:

Rolls Royce Owners

Today Rolls-Royce have so many models. If you want to buy SUVs then they have Cullinan, if you want to buy sedans they have cars like rolls royce phantom. If you want a coupe then you can buy Rolls-Royce Wraith apart from these they have so many more amazing and better models.

Every car of Rolls-Royce is unique when they come out of the factories, even if they are from the same model because Company make cars according to the customer’s customization choice. But if it comes to maintenance then customers have to follow the rules of the company.

They state that if you want to have serviced your cars then you have to come to our authorized workshops. You can’t get servicing done from outside of the company and if you have do so then the Rolls Royce would never touch your car again.

If you live in remote areas of Texas or California or anywhere in the world and you have Rolls-Royce but there are no workshops of Rolls-Royce for services near you, then don’t get panic because BMW has the authority of servicing Rolls-Royce cars from the company.

Before buying Rolls-Royce you should know that their one-year servicing can cost you $3900 but it is not costly for the owners of Rolls-Royce.

5: Authorized servicing:

Authorized servicing Rolls Royce Owners

If you want to change the oil of the car and you do it by yourself because you don’t want to spend unnecessary money on it then you may get in trouble also because Rolls-Royce provides its services 24 hours around every corner of the world.

Like if you face any type of problem with your car then the company will send its machanics to you. Even a problem can be as little as if there is the low air pressure in the Tyre of your rolls royce company will solve this problem too.

But Rolls-Royce doesn’t want you to get the servicing of your car done from anywhere else. If you did this once, then you will lose all the after-sale services provided by the company.

Now after buying a car worth around $500,000 who wants to lose these amazing services? 

4: Chauffeur:

Chauffeur of Rolls Royce Owners

Friends, you have to keep a Chauffeur according to Rolls-Royce. Now you are thinking what is a chauffeur, right? The driver of your car drives different types of cars but Chauffer is the one who drives your car and also takes care of you.

This means during driving, he is like your assistant. No matter how good the car is, if the driver is not good, then the riding quality will be worst and the people will not enjoy the ride. So Rolls Royce doesn’t want to spoil the experience of the people who buy their car. So if you buy a car from Rolls Royce then they also want to know who will drive your Rolls-Royce.

The company wants to see that you will not feel jerks after the driver takes the brake also the company wants to see whether his personality is according to Rolls-Royce or not. If it is not, then Rolls-Royce will provide him with training about how to drive the car and also how to behave in meetings, so you will not feel insulted because of the unprofessional behaviour of your driver during big events or meetings. 

3: Unofficial Paint Jobs:

painter mark court of rolls royce

It is so normal for cars to get scratches from small accidents, so if it happens with your Rolls Royce also, then don’t get its paint done by anyone from the outside because the paint used in Rolls-Royce is also very unique.

Each Rolls-Royce was painted in a minimum of 5 layers of coating and approx 100 pounds of paint is used in it, and in the exterior of the car, we see some small designs that are done by hand and only one man on earth does this job named Mark Court. His talent makes rolls royce the best car Apart from him, no one in the world is capable of making designs on Rolls-Royce.

So Rolls-Royce wants you to get your scratch from the car removed from them because no other person can give this much quality. 

So friends think Rolls Royce takes quality so seriously that the leather they use in car seat comes only from cold places of Europe only, the wood used in the cars comes from only one tree, and they plant the rare special Rolls-Royce Rose flowers in their headquarter to make the design in the interior of the car.

So who can maintain this much perfection? Now if you get the paint of your car done from outside the company, Rolls Royce can seize your all after-sale services. 

2: Software Update:

software updates in rolls royce

Before buying Rolls-Royce you have to follow some other agreements of the company which state to keep your car connected to the internet, and when software update comes you have to update it.

So that you can enjoy all the amazing services nonstop. But why Rolls Royce wants to connect your car to the internet? This fact is in the next point.

1: Agree to data sharing:

rolls royce Rolls Royce Owners

Whether we like it or not, the company wants to know where we are roaming in Rolls-Royce. After buying Rolls-Royce, where you are roaming, what is your driving behaviour, how much fuel is in your car etc, the company wants to be updated about all these things.

Their statement about this is that, if you get into trouble in future or you met an accident, then Rolls-Royce’s team will help you wherever you are in the world. That’s why they want to be updated with all the data. 

So friends These are some strict rules which you have to follow if you are going to buy Rolls-Royce by the way which is your all-time favourite model of Rolls Royce, we have a list of the 11 best Rolls Royce models of all time click here if you want to know.

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