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Most Expensive Supercars in 2023?

by Mohammad Kashif
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What are the world’s most expensive supercars?, Cars are one of the most important and popular modes of transport, you can buy cars for as low as few thousand dollars while some cars can cost you millions of dollars.

The price of the car can vary in accordance with its speed, power, great looks and features. Some cars are so cheap that you can buy them even at the price of your 2 iPhones, while some are so expensive that they come with the price tag of a Private jet.

From superfast Bugatti to the first-ever supercar in the middle east here is the list of the World’s most expensive supercars in 2023

10- Ferrari Sergio Pinnifarina:

Most Expensive Supercars in 2023  Ferrari Sergio Pinnifarina

This is Ferrari’s most uniquely designed and it’s one of the most expensive supercars. Ferrari designed this car after taking inspiration from Ferrari 458 Italia, the first time this car was unveiled at Geneva Motorshow in 2013.

This 2 Door Ferrari has a 4.5 L V8 engine, this car can reach a top speed of 202 mph (324 kph).

It was launched as a tribute to Ferrari’s former Chief of Design Mr Segio Pininfarina. This car is so rare that only 6 units are created till now. Each unit is priced at $3 Million one of the well-known owners of Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina is Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon.

09- Aston Martin Valkyrie:

 Aston Martin Valkyrie

The design of this car is so amazing and futuristic that any supercar lover can fall in love with this car at first sight.

Aston Martin is a British Car Brand well known for making luxury cars, they usually do not make Supercar but when they launch this Supercar everyone gets shocked by its capabilities.

It is 2 door coupe car which also comes with hybrid technology.

It has a 6.5 L V12 engine and 119 kWh electric motor, the car can produce 1160 hp which is so enough to help this car reach the top speed of around 250mph (402 kph) almost the speed of Bugatti which is world’s fastest production car.
The price of this lovely is $3.2 Million

08- Bugatti Chiron Sports:

 Bugatti Chiron Sports

Bugatti is famous only for two reasons Superpower and Superspeed. Almost every Bugatti is superfast that’s why Bugatti’s are considered the world’s fastest production car.

Bugatti Chiron was first shown in 2016, it has a very powerful 8.0 L quad-turbocharged W16 engine and can produce 1500hp

On test, this car reached a top speed of 304 mph ( 490 kph) but for customers, its speed is limited to 273 mph (440 kph) still it is the world’s fastest production car. You can buy this beast at a starting price of $3.3 Million.

07- Bugatti Veyron Virre By Mansory:

Bugatti Veyron Virre By Mansory

It is so rare that Only 2 units of this car existed in this world. When Bugatti Veyron was launched in 2005 it was considered as world’s most powerful and fastest car.

Only 270 models of Bugatti Veyron were produced but now German Car Customization Brand Mansory makes it even rarer by applying its own special customization on 2 units of Bugatti Veyron, they changed its rear bumpers, redesigned its hood and even added custom wheels.

The top speed of this rare supercar is 251mph (405kph) cost of this custom Bugatti is $3.4 Million, making it one the most expensive supercars.

06- W Motors Lykan Hypersports:

 W Motors Lykan Hypersports

This car is produced by W Motors a company based in the United Arab Emirates, and also the first ever supercar completely designed in the Middle East.

This 2 Door Coupe’ has a 3.7 L Twin Turbocharged engine which helps this car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just about 2.5 seconds and can go up to the top speed of 245 mph (385 kph)

The price of this car is $3.5 Million.

05- Lamborghini Veneno:

 Lamborghini Veneno

This is Lamborghini’s high-performance sports car which was released by Lamborghini on its 50th anniversary, in 2013.

The price of this car at its launch time was $4 Million that’s why it is considered one of the most expensive supercars in the world.

Lamborghini made Only 13 units of this car of which 4 are Lamborghini Veneno Coupe and 9 are Lamborghini Veneno Roadster.

This car is equipped with a 6.5 L V12 engine and can go up to the top speed of 221mph (356 kph).

04- Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita:

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg Automotive makes this car, the company made this car especially to sell in the US market.

The car was launched in the year 2006 and discontinued in 2010, this car is also so rare because, in these 4 years, only 29 Units were produced.

It has a 4.8 L dual-supercharged V8 engine which can generate about 800 hp and help this car to reach the top speed of around 248 mph (400kph).

The price of this car was $4.8 Million.

03- Mercedes Maybach Exelero:

 Mercedes Maybach Exelero

This German beauty was launched in the year 2005, it is one of the rare supercars by Mercedes because Mercedes mostly make luxury cars.

This two-door coupe has a 5.9 L V12 engine and can go from 0-62 mph in just 4.4 seconds and Top speed of this car is 217 mph which is (350 kph), it is the world’s third most expensive supercar you can buy this car at the price of $8 Million.

02- Pagani Zonda HP Barchett:

Pagani Zonda HP Barchett

Italian car brand Pagani shocked the entire car industry by launching this car in 2018 at $17 Million, making it the most expensive car of that time.

It is powered by a 6.9 L V12 engine and can produce 789hp this car can reach a top speed of 220 mph (355 kph) only 140 units of this car are made making it one of the rare most expensive supercars in the World.

01- Bugatti La Vouiture Noire:

Bugatti La Vouiture Noire

This car was launched by Bugatti in 202 after its launch it became the world’s most expensive car. It is powered by an 8 L W16 engine and can generate 1500 hp.

Bugatti made this car super rare by promising they will only build ONE unit of this car. The top speed of this car is 260 mph ( 420 kph ) and it can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 2.4 seconds.

The Price of this car is $18.7 Million, Currently, It is World’s most expensive supercar and the third most expensive car after two models of Rolls Royce Boat Tail.

So friends which one you are going to buy after being successful in life, in case you are confused about which to buy between Lamborghini and Bugatti you can watch a detailed comparison between Bugatti and Lamborghini by clicking here

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