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Ferrari SUV, Ferrari Purosangue 7 Things You Should Know

by Mohammad Kashif
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New Ferrari SUV just launched, Ferrari is known for its world-leading luxury sports cars, the brand is making supercars since 1939, but now the craze for SUVs is increasing day by day and Lamborghini the main competitor of Ferrari launched its SUV Urus in 2020 and it became an instant success.

That’s why Ferrari have to launch its own SUV to survive and grow better in the world of the luxury car market so they unveiled Ferrari Purosangue as their first SUV in 83 years, its design and performance can make you its lover instantly so today’s blog lets have a look at Ferrari Purosangue…should you buy it or not.

7- Engine:

Ferrari SUV Engine

Ferrari is famous for its high-powered V12 engines and SUVs are also powerful vehicles so Ferrari SUVs must have powerful motors that’s why this car is equipped with a massive 6.5 Liter V-12 engine.

This big engine produces 715 hp and takes this car from 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds the top speed of Purosangue is 193 mph 310 kph making it faster than its competitor Lamborghini Urus and also the fastest SUV on the planet.

Top Speed of Lamborghini Urus vs Ferrari Purosangue?

Lamborghini Urus Top Speed is 190 mph while Ferrari Purosangue’s Top Speed is 193 mph.

6- Dimensions of Ferrari SUV:

Ferrari Purosangue

One of the main things I like about SUVs is their Dimensions, they are big, long and cool-looking cars. So let’s see Ferrari SUV Purosangue’s dimensions, the length of this SUV is 4973 mm width is 2028 mm and the height is 1589 mm. Talking about ground clearance the car has 185 mm ground clearance which is the biggest in any Ferrari car and pretty good for an SUV too.

5- Interior:

Ferrari Purosangue Interior

We are talking about Ferrari so the interior should be really amazing, when you enter this Ferrari SUV you will feel the spirit of Ferrari because the seats and steering everywhere you see the famous Ferrari Logo seats are designed in a way of sports car but also are comfortable like a family car, because it is rare Ferrari model made for families.

It is a four-door SUV but still, the doors are designed in a way that car looks like a two-door SUV, rear doors are big enough for a passenger to enter in car smoothly and you can close these doors by just pressing a button.

You can get a glass roof in this car as an optional feature so if you want to save money you can go with a typical carbon-fibre roof. The boot of this car is very big it has a capacity of 473 litres which is enough for a family weekend road trip.

4- Looks:

Ferrari Purosangue Looks

The competitors of this Ferrari car are Porsche and Lamborghini Urus and it is designed somewhat like these cars, even if you look at this car you will notice it sometimes resembles Porsche cars but the looks of the Ferrari SUV Purosangue are still inspired by other Ferrari cars like you are getting long bonnet in this car, its look is sportier or race car type than a typical SUV and yellow horse logo is also making it a Ferrari.

3- Features Ferrari SUV:

Features Ferrari SUV

Ferrari Purasangue is equipped with two 10.2-inch big screens, the instrument cluster and the infotainment screen. The infotainment screen is not in the middle of the dashboard but in front of the codriver.

You will get Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto as a standard feature. In this car, you will get front seats with massage features some safety features like automated emergency braking, automatic high-beam headlamps, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane-keeping assist.

2- Wheels:

Wheels of Ferrari SUV

If you are driving Ferrari SUV, then it should be fast, and a fast car requires great tyres so Ferrari Purosangue is equipped with massive 22 inches front tyres and 23 inches rear tyres making it Ferrari with the biggest tyres.

1- Price:

Ferrari Purosangue

If you want to buy this car then you have to spend around $400K, because the starting price of the Ferrari Purosangue is $402,050, which is just double that of its competitor Lamborghini Urus which is currently priced at $229,268.

So, friends, this was our detailed review of Ferrari Purosangue, if you like this post don’t forget to like share and comment. Also if you want to read about the best Lamborghinis click here, Thank You.

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