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8 Things Why Rolls Royce Spectre is Best Electric Car

by Mohammad Kashif
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why rolls royce spectre is best electric car

Rolls Royce Spectre is the First Electric car by Rolls Royce, Today Rolls Royce is not only the World’s most luxury car brand but also it is one of the World’s most famous car brands.

When every car brand started moving toward the electric lineup everyone was wondering how Rolls Royce will make electric cars and after the launch of Rolls Royce Spectre, Rolls Royce proved again that they are a master in the engineering of cars.

This first electric car by Rolls Royce is based on its Rolls Royce Wraith Coupe and has every luxury feature like other Rolls Royce making it one of the best Electric cars that exist today.

So in this list, we will be telling you why the Rolls Royce Spectre is the World’s best Electric car:

8- Strong Aluminium Chassis:

rolls royce spectre is best electric car

Rolls Royce Spectre is completely built on aluminium frame chassis because like other cars if the company uses Steel then the weight of the Rolls Royce Spectre would have been increased, by this car’s performance and its battery backup or other handling things were affected.

That’s why Rolls Royce decided to use Aluminium chassis in this car which will increase Rolls Royce Spectre’s overall performance and range.

Lightweight chassis Rolls Royce has the advantage of adding more features to the car cause its weight is under control and also aluminium makes this car much stronger and safe.

7- Futuristic Features:

rolls royce spectre Futuristic Features

Rolls Royce was always famous for Its premium features and amazing interiors and in the world of cars, Electric cars are considered more futuristic than gas cars.

So an electric car by Rolls Royce should have lots of fancy features yes like all Rolls Royce cars Spectre also has unlimited customization options.

Its interior is made of completely exclusive leather its roof has the signature rolls royce starlight roof with approx 5500 tiny stars while other Rolls Royce models have around 1400 stars in starlight.

6- Most Powerful Rolls Royce Ever:

rolls royce spectre power

Friends, Rolls Royce Spectre is now the most powerful Rolls Royce ever built at least the company is claiming that because it has a 100.0 kWh useable battery, its electric motor can generate 577 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque.

This car has around 323 mi (520 km) of range, the car can go from 0-62 mph in just 4.5 seconds while its top speed is 155 mph (250 kph).

5- Largest Doors for Comfortable Entry:

interior rolls royce spectre

Entry and exit in Rolls Royce Spectre are easiest in any other Rolls Royce model because Spectre’s doors are 4.9 feet large, largest than any other Rolls Royce.

These beautiful doors have a comfortable leather armrest and you can open and close them with just a click of a button also a driver-side door in the Rolls Royce Spectre has an umbrella stored in them.

4- Illuminated Front Grille:

rolls royce front grille

This is also the first Rolls Royce which has will have an illuminated front grill that makes it more beautiful and futuristic especially at night.

Every Rolls Royce model has a massive front grill now if you add a massive led light on it then it looks more amazing and everyone can recognize from a distance that this is something of an expensive car coming. Because this is the first Rolls Royce to be fitted with an illuminated grill it will surely become the signature grill for all electric Rolls Royce models coming in future.

3- Massive Wheels Than Ever:

 Massive Wheels Than Ever

Rolls Royce Spectre is massive, in terms of so many things and wheels are one of them. It has huge 23-inch wheels, first time Rolls Royce is using this size of wheels and you can’t find this much size of wheels in any other normal car.

Rolls Royce is claiming that these huge wheels will make the car more balanced and effective on snowy and icy surfaces.

Besides size, you will have lots of customization options on these wheels also and one more thing you will see the Rolls Royce logo at the centre of these wheels this logo will stay perfectly vertical and never become upside down.

2- Four-Wheel Steering Option:

 Four-Wheel Steering Option

Rolls Royce made this car in huge size and they knew that turning this size of the car is a big deal for their customers.

That’s why they made this car with a system of four-wheel steering meaning you can easily turn the front or rear wheels of the car by simply moving your steering, because of this the Spectre has a turning radius of 12.7 meters.

Important thing is that this system works automatically system detects the speed of the car and when you move the steering rear wheel turns automatically in that manner the car never loses stability.

1- One of the Most Expensive EVs:

One of the Most Expensive EV

Rolls Royce is famous not only for its premium ness and luxury but also for its staggering price that’s why Rolls Royce Spectre is also very expensive in fact it is one of the most expensive electric cars in the world right now.

With Starting price of around $413,000, it definitely is not for everyone’s pocket. Yes, there are more electric cars expensive than Spectre but they aren’t much famous, and in the Rolls Royce Spectre you will get so many customization options which can also increase its price even more.

If you are someone who loves personalization rolls royce will definitely do it on your Spectre but for this, you have to pay some extra money which will make your car a lot more expensive.

By the way, if you are planning to buy Rolls Royce Spectre don’t forget to read 6 Rules for Rolls Royce Customers.

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