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5 Things You Can’t Do In Rolls Royce Car

by Mohammad Kashif
Things you can't do in a rolls rocye car

Rolls Royce is the world’s most expensive luxury automaker, every Rolls Royce car has its unique styling and features you get V12 engines, a Starlight roof, Led infotainment screen behind the front seats for the rear passengers, Now if you have someone to drive your Rolls Royce, You can just sit on comfortable massage seats of Rolls Royce and watch your favourite things on Led screens.

Rolls Royce all models have so many features that if you ask anyone about the world’s best car most probably their answer will be Rolls Royce, but not everything in this world is perfect Rolls Royce’s is also the same, Even if rolls royce average price is in thousands of dollars still there are many normal things you can’t do in Rolls Royce:

5- Can’t win a Race 

why rolls royce car is not so fast

Even if you are an expert driver and you also knew that each Rolls Royce car has the most powerful V12 engine, and your friend challenges you to a race with another Brand’s similar price car, For example, Phantom pricing starts at more than $450,000, you can get Lamborghini Huracan at around $250,000 which is too cheaper than Phantom but still Phantom can’t win against Huracan.

Because the maximum speed of the Rolls Royce Phantom is 155mph (250 kph) and Lamborghini Huracan can go up to 202mph (325 kph) and with that speed, you can’t imagine competing with your friend who has Lambo. 

Yes, the Phantom is not a racing car or sports car but here we are talking about the inabilities of Rolls Royce and not winning a race is one of them.

4- Size Problem

rolls royce is so big

Every time you take out a Rolls Royce car for a drive you are literally moving a beast, Rolls Royce price are high and they built their cars without compromising anything, not even size.

Think for a minute Toyota Camry is a good full-size sedan but if you compare its size with Rolls Royce Phantom you get to know that Camry is much smaller in length than the Phantom.

The length of the Toyota Camry is 16 feet but the length of the Phantom is around 19 feet, This is the difference in size you are getting on every Rolls Royce model. whether you are driving in rush hours of New York City or on Narrow streets of Europe you have to be an expert driver if you have any car rolls royce in your garage.

3- Seating Problem

rolls royce

The target customer base of Rolls Royce is the rich elite class they don’t care about seating capacity because they have many more car options in their garage.

They only bought Rolls Royce Car for its comfort and features, but middle-class people need everything in the car with even more seats, I mean if you have Kia Telluride or Ford Expedition you have a 3-row seating arrangement and 7-8 people can easily fit on those cars but if you have stock of every model of Rolls Royce, still no Rolls Royce is able to hold more than 5 passengers, not even Cullinan the only SUV of Rolls Royce.

And if 5 people are sitting on your Rolls Royce they are also compromising some features like the armrest for the rear passenger can’t open if 3 people are sitting.

2- Impossible To Steal

why rolls royce is Impossible To Steal

Yes, this is also one thing nobody can do on a Rolls Royce cars If you are the owner of a Rolls Royce you know every inch of the location where your car is, there is a feature in every Rolls Royce car called Engine Start Inhibited.

With this feature you can remotely turn off the engine of your car even its moving by this your car immediately stops and you get to know the location of your vehicle then the thief has only one option left- escape as soon as possible but you are wondering if the thief is smart and came with a truck to tow your Rolls Royce, it’s still impossible because Rolls Royce has another feature called Tow Away if your engine is of still the car is moving then it sends you alert and you can still track your car through GPS.

1- Autopilot

Autopilot Rolls Royce

Autonomous technology seems like technology from the future but it is currently happening around us there are many self-driving vehicles on our streets, and Tesla is the biggest player in the autopilot vehicles industry after Tesla every brand is trying to launch their autonomous vehicles.

Today Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Hyundai basically every brand has one or more vehicles with semi or fully-autonomous technology but then comes Rolls Royce they haven’t launched any autonomous Rolls Royce cars yet and also they currently do not have plans to launch them in near future.

When a magazine asked the Head of design of Rolls Royce Mr Giles Taylor about self-driving cars he replied in a funny way that we are the world’s oldest self-driving brand because every Rolls Royce owner has Chauffer who drives the car in a much more comfortable way than autopilot.

He also said that every client of Rolls Royce is so rich that they have garages like we have wardrobes, and they have different cars for different occasions so for any special occasion they want to get to their destination in a comfortable way not by doing experiments on autopilot.

But yes in the future Rolls Royce can also have Self-driving cars.

So what are your thoughts on Rolls Royce Car? Tell us in the comments.

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