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How To Buy Rolls Royce? Follow These 8 Steps

by Mohammad Kashif
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How to buy Rolls Royce

Hello friends, do you want to buy a Rolls-Royce, then big question is how to buy rolls royce? May be you haven’t that much money. But in future, if you become rich and you want to own a shiny and luxury Rolls-Royce, Then how you can buy it? The process of buying a Rolls-Royce is also a very unique process, it is not like buying a normal car it is a very amazing experience, so In this post, I will tell you about the process of buying a Rolls-Royce. So let’s start with table of content for easy read:

How to Buy Rolls Royce from Dealership:

How to Buy Rolls Royce from Dealership

So friends if you want to buy a Rolls-Royce then you have to go to the showroom of Rolls-Royce near you. But, may be the showroom of Rolls-Royce is not in your city like other car brands including Toyota, Hyundai or Ford, because Rolls Royce Cars are so expensive they dont have showroom in every corner of the country, you will find Rolls Royce dealerships in very rich places where mostly millionaires or billionaires live.

In United States, only 35 Dealerships of Rolls Royce are present and only California has 7 of them. Now for buying a Rolls-Royce you have to go to one of these dealerships. When you enter the showroom, a well qualified professional welcomes you and they will start telling you the details related to your Rolls Royce. 

How to Buy Rolls Royce In Your Favourite Color:

How to Buy Rolls Royce In Your Favourite Color

The showroom is also very unique and amazing like a Rolls-Royce car, Many sample colours of the car are hanging on the walls here, you can select any colour of the car from these samples and they will give you your brand new Rolls-Royce in that colour.

The sample colours hanging on the walls are very few but Rolls-Royce offers you the option of around 54 thousands colours in which you can buy your car. So if you don’t like the colours hanging on the walls then you can select your favourite colour from other 54 thousand colours.

Even if you don’t like all these 54 thousand colours shown then the company will make your Rolls-Royce in your favourite colour. You have to show them your sample colour and they will make your Rolls-Royce in your given colour.

In the Meantime, they will give you their exclusive tea or coffee, After having their amazing tea in the cup of Rolls-Royce logo, you will also become a fan of their tea which tastes nothing less than a 5 star hotel. If you want your Rolls-Royce in dual colour then you can also do that by telling them your sample colour.

Friends, the atmosphere of our earth is very different. Like somewhere it is polluted, somewhere non polluted, somewhere it is hot, somewhere it is cold. That’s why, the colour of the sun also seems different in some of the parts of earth, and thats why Rolls Royce representative will show you the colour of your Rolls Royce looks in different parts of the world. 

Customised Exterior:

How to Buy Rolls Royce

You can also select the exterior design of your car, It is also hanging on the walls here. You can choose your favourite design from the sample of the designs hanging there.

But, if someone wants to customise their Rolls-Royce by their own sample design then it will be an exclusive car, and Rolls-Royce will not make another car in that sample without your permission. 

Customised Interior:

How to Buy Rolls Royce

After exterior, the company will show you interior designs with details, interior of Rolls-Royce car can also be fully customised. They will show you the colour of leather by which the seats of the car are made, they will also show you the threads by which the leather of the seat is stitched. Not just this, you can also choose the quality of leather.

The company will show you the crocodile leather, ostrich leather or Bull leather etc. and you have to select one of them. The price of the car also increases according to the quality of leather. After that, you can also select the designs of dashboard and many other thing in the front of the car.

The company will also show you different types of options for the dashboard designs, You can choose from these but if you don’t like these designs then you can give your own favourite design to the company. The company will make your interior according to your given designs.

Not only this, you already know that Rolls-Royce cars have umbrella in both sides of the door in the car, so you can also select the colour of the umbrellas. Apart from this, the steering wheel of the car can also be customised in dual colour. There is also a theme option for your car, you can also choose your favorite theme for your brand new Rolls-Royce. 

Strict Agreements To Follow:

How to Buy Rolls Royce

Friends, when you buy a Rolls-Royce then the company will also take Agreement from you to share them your live location.

If your Rolls Royce car got in an accident, which is very rare but in case, then the company will provide you an immediate assistant at your live location, and friends whether you are a prince, celebrity or a politician, you have to wait for a year to get your Rolls-Royce. 

Long Wait:

How to Buy Rolls Royce

All the customers of the Rolls-Royce are VIP so they don’t want to waste the time of the first customer because of another. It takes almost 6 months in the making of one Rolls-Royce.

That’s why you have to wait approx one year for your car, Friends, the company not only talks you about your brand new car but they also do the conversion regarding the whole life of Rolls-Royce.

They tell you that when your Rolls-Royce become very old and you stop using it then you can give your car to the company, because they don’t want their Rolls-Royce to be abandoned on roadside. Friends, 

Driver Should Be Perfect:

In the meantime the company also wants to know about the details of the driver, because the company knows very well that most of the Rolls-Royce owner don’t drive their car by own.  They hire a driver to drive for them. Company wants driver to drive Rolls-Royce very perfectly that the owner will not feel any uncomfortability in the car.

They also wants driver to open the door very smoothly so that the doors will not get dirty. If they think that your driver is not on the standard of Rolls Royce then They can also give training to the driver, apart from this, they can also recommend you other driver. 

Strict Maintenance Process:

You have to repair your car only at authorised dealership, because the parts of Rolls-Royce are very unique that normal machanics can not repair them, Only authorized mechanics can repair them. May be, thousands of km far, Rolls-Royce service center is situated. But, fear not, BMW must be near you and BMW is Rolls-Royce’s parent company, BMW will provide you service for your Rolls-Royce.

The company will tell you these things in the meantime of buying your car, They will also tell you that you can not change the colour of your car after buying it. You can only change the colour after consulting with the company. You can not done the paintjob of your car by any street shop because its paint is also very unique, Only Rolls-Royce experts can do this. You have to consult with company in this thing too.

And the company is also very ready to help you in this. In fact, If you lived in a very remote area, the company will also send an authorised painter at the door of your home. So friends, these are  some rules and process of buying everyone’s favorite Rolls-Royce. If you like this post then do let me know in the comments down below.


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